AGAIN? Chris Christie And Family Spotted Sunbathing On Capitol Hill Lawn During Government Shutdown

Really, Chris?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Incredible. Despite being copped by the paparazzi last year while sunbathing on a beach that he was due to close during a state shutdown, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was again spotted with his family sunbathing on the lawn of Capitol Hill this morning during the national shutdown.

The Christie family were moved on from the area minutes ago as the shutdown officially came to an end, however they reportedly set up camp at around 7am this morning as the sun shone over D.C.

Officials did however struggle to lure Christie off of the lawn, and resorted to getting the job done by tying a brown envelope labelled “MONEY AND LITTLE DEBBIES”  to the end of a fishing line and pulling it away from him in increments.

There’s no doubt that the family will catch some heat for this once again, and authorities are being told to keep an eye out for them once the three week reopening of government comes to an end.

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