WOW: This Veteran WON’T Stand For The National Anthem!

It’s a sad day in America when players in our greatest sport refuse to stand for the national anthem. These spoiled multi-millionaires have the nerve to distract from the tribute to our flag and veterans, and delay going to the commercial break for Viagra and Bud Light.

It’s bad enough that the NFL owners can’t get their boys to obey, but we saw a decorated WWII veteran who didn’t stand either. That’s right, a man who put his life on the line for our country now has the audacity to disrespect the flag and the national anthem!

Where does this liberal agenda end? Will soldiers start taking a knee when caskets come off a military plane? Are soldiers going to start firing their guns in the air at funerals like a bunch of Mexicans on Cinco de Mayo?

Hold on, this just came in. The veteran is none other than former President George H.W. Bush! This can mean only one thing, it’s part of the New World Order we warned you about back in the 1990s! If you connect the dots, it all makes so much sense now.

Bear with me because none of what I am about to say will make sense at first, or even after the tenth time you read this, but I have it figured out. If you need to get on my level, I encourage you to take a spirit quest with some peyote, and a six month supply of my incredible supplements which you can buy for 50% off by using the promo code “JetFuelCantMeltSteelBeams” on our website.

Now, back to our story…The kneeling at football games has gone viral since Trump became our greatest president. This disrespect is an attempt by the spoiled players, and now former presidents, who are trying to undermine his leadership.

Did you know what his excuse was? He claimed that he can’t get out of his wheelchair! That’s right, this bum who gets the best seats at football games and collects entitlements can’t be bothered to stand up for the national anthem. How sad is that?

What comes next? Bill Clinton playing the Puerto Rican national anthem on a saxophone before a game? Barack Obama demanding that we also salute the flag of Kenya? Listen, if they can make the frogs gay and cover up who really did 9/11 (it was George Soros, FYI), then the deep state can easily subvert our beloved NFL and control their minds with the chemtrails.

Wake up, sheeple! And buy my stuff. Child support is really expensive.

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Alexander Jones

Investigative reporter battling Obama's Deep State, uncovering globalist conspiracies. No relation to InfoWars' Alex Jones, who is really a disinformation agent for the New World Order. Buy MY supplements and prepper supplies!

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